What Stops People From Achieving What They Want


v1Happy New Year!!!

2015 is behind us now and a new year has begun! By now, you’re off to a great start on achieving the goals you’ve set for 2016. However, you have probably run into some opposition. Typically, opposition shows itself in two ways – but I’m only going to write about one in this post. Ready?

The Most Powerful Force Opposing Your Goal Achievement

The most powerful opposing force to achieving your goals in 2016 and beyond is YOU! More specifically, it’s the disempowering beliefs that you are harboring about yourself, your capabilities, and resources. For example, let’s suppose that in the past five, ten, or twenty years an associate of yours has repeatedly set a goal to earn six figures but it has never happened. Why didn’t it happen? It’s not that they didn’t want to achieve the goal.  It’s that they allowed feelings/emotions to stop them during their journey.

You might be saying, “Wait a minute, Ron, I thought ‘disempowering beliefs’ were the cause of me not achieving my goals.” Yes, you’re right. However, in order for you to feel any emotion, you quickly evaluate what’s happening based on your perception(beliefs), then you feel an emotion and act/behave a certain way (or not).

Let me give you an example of what I mean, okay?  Let’s say you are the one that has set the goal to earn six figures every year for the past twenty years and have not  yet realized that goal. I’m curious. What if you only looked at your financial results for the past twenty years? Does it cause you to feel doubtful about hitting your target this year? What do you think your possibilities of making it happen will be if you don’t learn new skills, strategies, or techniques? How do you feel? More importantly, what do you think/believe in order to feel that way?

What did you learn?

In the days and weeks ahead, as you continue to pursue your goals, I highly recommend asking yourself a similar question because, if you do, you will discover the disempowering beliefs that have stopped you in the past. After you’ve discovered the disempowering beliefs, replace them with empowering beliefs, and walk yourself through the following process to radically change the way you feel in the moment:

As you read, take a deep breath and begin to remember a time when you felt absolutely certain that you were going to accomplish whatever you set out to do. What are you picturing in your in mind? What are you saying to yourself? How do you feel now? Hold on to that feeling!  Maybe you can hold on to it with your right hand.  Now, make a fist a say, “Yes!”

In your current emotional state, do you think you will accomplish your goals this year. Chances are, you do! The reason is that the way we feel determines our behavior and the results we produce. However, our feelings/emotions are driven by our beliefs. Therefore, you must watch out for beliefs that are like garbage and throw them out. Then, you must continually add empowering beliefs in their place. Are you with me?

Isn’t it time to show the world the best of you and of what you’re truly capable? I can’t hear you? Make a fist and loudly say, “Yes!”

With your success in mind,

P.S. Research shows that nearly 2% of the US population that set goals on New Years day will achieve them. (Source: Robbins Research International) Will you be in the 2%? If you want to ensure your spot in the 2%, click here to find out how we can work together.

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