The Power to Influence Your Children

pti.childrenChildren are like sponges, soaking up every experience, and storing it away for future reference. Sometimes children’s experiences cause them to adopt erroneous beliefs about what’s right or wrong. It is my hope that after you watch the following video, whether or not you are a parent, you will keep in mind that children are watching you.

Watching the video sparked a conversation between my wife, Tonya, and I that prompted her to ask, “What beliefs do you want to impart to our children and the next generation?” She went on to ask, “If you reflect on your own behaviors, attitudes, and actions, do they line up with what you want to impart to our children?” Then she said, “If they don’t, then you must change because your children are watching you, and you certainly realize that you are influencing our children and the next generation.”

So what about you? How would you answer those same poignant questions? Food for thought, aren’t they?

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