Strategic Influence Objective Number Two Example

It is almost 2017! You’ve probably been thinking about what goals you want to achieve in the new year, have you not? In the days and weeks ahead, you will have many decisions to make about what actions to take to bring about the realization of your goals.

The most important decisions will involve your ability to think strategically before acting tactically. Indulge me for a moment and read this excerpt from my previous post titled, “Three Strategic Influence Objectives,” to garner a better understanding of my thoughts regarding thinking strategically before acting tactically:

One key action to take in any economy is to think strategically before using a particular Social Media and/or Social Networking tool (i.e, twitter, Friendfeed, tumblr, YouTube, facebook, LinkedIn) to accomplish certain marketing objectives (e.g. attract targeted traffic, generate qualified leads, and convert leads to buyers).

Simply put, thinking strategically requires you to clarify what you or your company must represent in the minds of your target audience in order to accomplish your objectives.

For example, if you want to generate tons of qualified leads from twitter, you will need to build relationships, gain trust, be liked, be popular, and become a trusted advisor and recognized expert. (i.e., if you are an author, speaker, trainer, coach, consultant or some other type of professional service provider.)

Now that we’ve reviewed why thinking strategically is so vitally important let me remind you of the first Strategic Influence Objective: Focus on being deepest in peoples’ hearts, instead of only being top of mind.

That done, let’s move on to the topic of this post- Strategic Influence Objective #2: Focus on compelling people to tell others about you without even having to request it.

The easiest way to accomplish this SIO is to start by asking yourself, “What can I write, talk about, and/or videotape that will add value to people’s lives?” A prime example of someone who continually asks himself a similar question is Alejandro Reyes of

For instance, Alejandro decided to conduct free, conference calls entitled “Shine in 09”. The focus of the calls is to deliver value to anyone willing to listen in – and there is no sales pitch. Let me tell you, with the help of co-host, Maria Reyes-McDavis of the “Shine in 09” content left me feeling great about having invested the time to listen in!

Here are some comments that were made on twitter from other people who listened to that call:

HuMBush: @successfool @websuccessdiva Awesome #shinein09 call yesterday!! U guys ROCK! I missed it~ Thanx for the replay~

shinils: Thanks to @successfool and @websuccessdiva for the awesome call. 🙂 #shinein09

NancyPerez: @successfool #shinein09 Hey alejandro, I am on now.Thanks for shout out. Maria, I stutter too! lol Alejandro, this info is dope! 2009 rocks!

colmcgunnigle: #shinein09 @successfool Great info Jandro & Maria! Answered my question.

Those are all the comments I’ll share here. If you want to see more, go to and enter #shinein09. Anyway, as you can see SIO #2 was accomplished. Moving on.

As you probably know, a second call happened yesterday, and I was privileged to be on that call with Angel McClinton of MediaMojito, Maria, and Alejandro. Again, the focus was to deliver a content rich call from which listeners would walk away feeling good about having invested 60 minutes of their time to hear.

Here are some of the tweep’s comments that were made yesterday:

MarjorieJanczak: #shinein09 Great call. I certainly did enjoy the rest of what I joined in on. Great insight too

JackKempers: Just got a great Christmas gift from @Ron_Hudson, @angelmcclinton, @websuccessdiva, and @successfool on #shinein09-Valuable Content

shinils: BIG Thank You to @successfool @websuccessdiva @angelmcclinton @ron_hudson Simply Awesome Call 🙂 #shinein09

terybee: #shinein09 loooooove this call!!! Super people and info! Thanks so much–your raised the roof :-))))) biiig smile

JustinShantz: #shinein09 keep it coming, giving value is the new thing. What comes around goes around.

misscmac: #shinein09 I would love to hear more! Another call, please???? 😉

Isn’t it great when you receive such great feedback? Better yet, isn’t wonderful that because of twitter, the feedback is visible for the world to see? It’s also an awesome example of SIO #2 in action, isn’t it? Thank you for all your wonderful comments! It was fun to participate in the conference call series.

With your success in mind,


P.S. If you want to listen to the call, just click  here, turn up your volume, and grab a pad and pencil!

P.P.S  Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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