Influence Happens in a Moment

InfluenceOn any given day of our lives, we will find ourselves facing a myriad of circumstances that range from mostly routine to extraordinary. No matter what the circumstance, we will quickly distinguish where it falls within that range and respond accordingly. However, our immediate response will be the result of the following three components that continually influence human behavior in a moment:

1) Internal representations: First, let me restate this Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) terminology in two easily understood words that helped me instantly understand the meaning of the term. Mental Focus. Think about what that means.

I’m curious. What did you picture in your mind while considering that statement? If you didn’t picture anything, what did you say to yourself? You see, thinking consist of focusing on the images and sounds in your mind. Depending on what images you’re seeing in your mind or sounds/words you’re hearing, you will feel a certain emotion.

For example, think back now to a time in your life when you felt incredibly happy and confident. What comes to mind for you? What are you seeing and hearing internally? Hold onto that thought and make what you’re seeing… brighter, bigger, and closer. Now, while you’re seeing this in your mind, begin to turn up the volume of the sounds. How do you feel now?

I wonder how you would respond to someone cutting you off in traffic while you’re feeling incredibly happy and confident? I humbly predict you would respond/behave differently than you would if you were feeling sick and irritable. I’m also willing to risk assuming that, in the past, even when you have felt sick and irritable, you were still able to treat others courteously. Am I right? You see, you have always had the power to influence the way you feel and behave in the moment. Sure, it takes practice! And, it’s not easy all the time, but it’s worth it.

Let’s back up for a moment to the opening sentence of this post. Specifically, the part where I wrote about the myriad of circumstances that we all face on a daily basis. Inevitably, we will have all types of circumstances occur in our lives but it doesn’t matter what happens, what matters is how we respond. That reminds of a phrase I’ve heard Tony Robbins say many times, “It’s not what happens, it’s what you do that makes the difference.”

Before you read about the other two components that always influence human behavior, I’d like you to watch the following video to discover how advertisers use images and sounds to influence our behavior. Are you ready? Press the play button now.

Welcome back! How do you feel? If you use what you are learning in this post, you can feel this way whenever you want! Isn’t that exciting news?

What’s the next component?
2) Physiology: That’s a nerdy word for describing your physical body. Yes, I’m a nerd at heart. I digress. The condition that your body is in at any given moment dramatically impacts your feelings and behavior. In fact, it is the best component to start with when we want to change the way we feel and behave. Do you want to have some fun? Play along with me. Okay?

As you’re sitting there reading these words, put a big silly grin on your face, throw your hands in the air, and fully extend your arms like athletes or actors do after winning an award. How do you feel? Feels good, doesn’t it? How long did that take? A moment? Now, I want you to add…

3) Language: Say out loud what you would say, if you had won an award or an all expenses paid trip to that place you’ve been dreaming of, plus $10,000 cash! By now, you should be feeling really good. Do you not?

You see, mastering the ability to influence others will lead to success, but mastering influencing yourself will lead to success, happiness, and fulfillment. Good news is, it can happen in a moment!

Wishing you incredible success,


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