How to Immediately Influence Yourself

influence.yourselfSometimes we have an inaccurate perception of the happiness of successful people in business, politics, and entertainment. In reality, regardless of their socioeconomic success, a number of them are messed up on the inside. In fact, many times we have discovered they are depressed, abusive, suicidal, and addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

Ironic?  Yes!  Think about it.  In our society, people believe that happiness and success are derived from earning a significant income, acquiring material objects, traveling to exotic places, eating in the best restaurants, and staying in the finest hotels.  Yet, I imagine that you can think of a few famous people experiencing all that, and more – but they are miserable.

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What Success Takes

A twitter friend of mine, @GarrettPierson invited me to answer several thought-provoking questions about “what success takes.” My answers to the questions, along with the answers from several other successful business people, will be included in his upcoming book, “What Success Takes,” so keep your eye out for it. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy the following video presentation regarding what leads to success in life.
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Can Negotiation Skills Get You Better Deals?

“You’ll never know if you don’t ask.” – Unknown

One day I decided to contact a company selling 900#s as a business opportunity. No, I wasn’t going to use it to sell any of the services 900 numbers were commonly known for in the late 80s and early 90s. I was going to use the number to offer marketing coaching services. Good idea? I certainly thought so.

Anyway, with a list of companies selling 900# services in hand, I picked up the phone and started on what turned out to be a short search. You see, seconds later, I was on the phone with a rep for one of the companies on my list. He asked me a few questions and then launched into his presentation. It sounded as if he was reading a script! After he was finished, I quickly asked about the investment required to start.

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Perceptual Persuasion

What is Perceptual Persuasion?  Hold your horses!  First, let me tell you a brief story.

One summer’s day, back when I was a tall and skinny teenager, sleeping late into the day after staying up all night, I was awakened by a noise outside my bedroom window. Initially, I lay there slightly startled but as the noise continued, it became apparent that someone was attempting to open my window. As you might imagine, my heart began pounding as I rose from my bed and headed toward the window.

Slowly, I peeked out the blinds to see what the burglar looked like, so that I could describe him to the police later. While peeking through a small space in the blinds, I definitely saw the burglar, and I was completely shocked! You see, the person attempting to break into my home was someone who I called “friend!”
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Beliefs Impact Negotiations

“In Business As In Life – You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate” – Chester Karrass

Do you believe that statement? I don’t! However, at first glance it seemed to be a very valid statement to me. Then I began remembering several contradictory experiences which caused me to conclude that, to become a successful negotiator–you must believe that you deserve what you’re asking for!

One of these experiences occurred during a beautiful sunny, but cool, early fall day in South Carolina. A colleague and I were considering a business proposal that included meeting nearly 100 fascinating people, making a difference, earning a significant amount of money and a beachfront view. Irresistible offer? It was–until the following words were spoken in a rather firm tone:
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How to Deeply Influence Others and Yourself

InfluenceJames Van Fleet once said, “Always think in terms of what the other person wants.”

During my nearly 17 years of marriage, I’ve discovered that one of the keys to a successful relationship is thinking in terms of what my wife wants.  For instance, there are times when my wife wants to watch a romantic movie when I’d prefer to watch an action movie.  You might be saying,”Great!  Let her watch her romantic movie and you go watch an action movie on another television.”  Good idea, my rational thinking friend.  However, if I were to act on that type of thinking my wife wouldn’t get what she really wanted it from the experience.  Connectedness. Guess what?  I want to feel that too.

In fact, everything human beings do can be summed up this way:  Human behavior is driven by our desire to change the way we feel or change the way we behave. Most people take actions to change the way they feel because it’s an easier path to take.  Unfortunately, many people indulge in behaviors that are detrimental in the pursuit of changing feelings.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  You can take complete control of your feelings/emotions in an instant.  Want an example?

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How Leaders Successfully Influence Subordinates Without Intimidation

Several years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Mark Altman, author of “Leadership for All The Mountains You Climb While Loving the View.” During that interview I became more bonded to Mark because of his viewpoint about effective leadership. Why? He epitomes the heart of a servant leader!

On Monday, I listened to that interview again and felt compelled to share it with you here in case you hadn’t listened to it yet.  I highly recommend grabbing a pen and paper to jot down this man’s wisdom. By the way, I’ve provided an image of the book below which has my Amazon affiliate link integrated in it. Enjoy! 🙂
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