3 Easy Ways to Influence People in the Age of Social Media

3 Ways to InfluenceSocial Networking and Social Media are the hottest topics in the business world right now. They’ve been written about in magazines, blogs, and newspapers. These days there are even stories about Social Networking and Social Media showing up on television news. As a result, tons of business people are attempting to implement these new marketing tactics to attract new customers as quickly as possible.

Here are three basic tools of subsconscious influence and persuasion to use, so that you strategically implement these tactics the right way.

1. Rapport: You must be in rapport to effectively influence and persuade anyone. No-brainer, right? You’d be amazed at how many people attempt to rush past this step and get down to business. It’s the biggest mistake amateurs, and so called pros, make every day. For example…

A facebook friend of mine told me that a very attractive, young business lady tried to get him to introduce her to his over 3,000 facebook friends shortly after he approved her as a friend. Terrible mistake! My friend removed her from his facebook friends. The fascinating fact about the lady is she was promoting herself as a Social Media Marketing expert. Unbelievable but true!

Experience shows that the typical protocol for meeting people offline for the first time works for meeting people online as well. For instance, when someone connects with me (i.e., follows my updates, on twitter.com, the most popular social media tool in the world) I will reciprocate by following their updates. You might think of the process as being similar to what occurs at networking events all the time. Someone walks up to you, introduces themselves, asks for your business card, and says they will stay in contact with you. I’m curious. How would you normally respond to that scenario? You’d follow suit, right? Barring any hint of the person being criminally insane. LOL!

As you begin or continue to use social media or social networking, just use the common sense approach to building relationships with people. Be friendly. Be personable. Add value. Be helpful. Be kind. Have fun.

2. Sincerity and caring: People focused on building relationships tend to gravitate towards people who they feel are sincerely interested in them. People are also looking to see if you really care more about their needs, desires, and goals. I included this as a subconscious tool of influence because people intuitively figure out whether someone is sincere and caring.

Although I’ve had several experiences of meeting people who are sincerely interested in me and care about my needs, desires, and goals, I will only talk about a few of them right now. These folks are on twitter.com and I highly recommend connecting with them.

The first is Maria Reyes-McDavis aka WebSuccessDiva. Maria has been beyond unbelievably helpful to me! Among other beneficial things she bluntly conveyed to me that my marketing efforts, at that time, were not effective. After Maria gave me a brief, unsolicited reason for her advice, I wholeheartedly agreed with her and changed my marketing approach, and as a result of her guidance I have come to trust and highly recommend her services.

In fact, if you’re ready for an honest, “no beating around bush,” critique about your marketing efforts, you must check out her website at www.websuccessdiva.com or you can find her on twitter by visiting twitter.com/websuccessdiva. Moving on.

Some other twitter friends who have been very kind, helpful, and encouraging are Jim Turner, Sharon McPherson, Sean Marler, and Linea Jones. For example, almost every time I’ve posted something about my radio show Immediate Influence, each of these has “retweeted” the information, helping me reach more people on twitter. Basically, “retweeting” is, in effect, a viral marketing tactic. You may be surprised to find out I’ve never asked any of them to “retweet” any of my “tweets” and they’ve not asked me to “retweet” any of theirs. However, because of their kind acts of “retweeting,” I’ve voluntarily helped to spread the word about their activities.

Now, here’s the last easy way to influence and persuade people in the age of Social Media.

3. Give first: In the best selling book of all time, I discovered that if I would give, it will be given to me, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. Simply put, when you give first without any strings attached, people will eventually give back to you. The people who give back to you may not be the people you gave to initially but often they will be. Let me illustrate the accuracy of that statement:

Six months ago, I offered to conduct a free one hour teleseminar for a gentleman whose business deals with a segment of my target market. While making the arrangements for that teleseminar, we discussed what I would offer to the participants. I offered to allow them to to sign up for my group coaching at an exclusively low price.

I made it very clear that they would only be able to enroll at the lower price through his company. I informed him that my rationale was that arranging the promotion that way would cause his clients to become more endeared to him while beginning to build a relationship with me. At one point during that conversation, the gentleman who was going to moderate the teleseminar asked how much of the enrollment fee would be split with them. I asked them to tell me how much they thought was fair. There was complete silence. Seconds later, the owner told me,”You are a unique individual. You know that, don’t you?.” Now, because it seemed an odd statement to make at the time, I hesitantly and humbly responded, “Yes.”

Then the other gentleman said,”The owner decided to let you keep all the proceeds from every purchase.” Yes, you read that right! I was allowed to keep all the money. Aren’t people awesome?

In his landmark, best selling book “Influence,” Dr. Robert Cialdini explains “Reciprocation,” a tool of influence. Dr. Cialdini dramatically proved that we have been conditioned to return favors – so that we won’t be looked upon as a leech. In the real-life example of my offering to conduct a free teleseminar and offer training at a reduced price I employed the “Give first” mindset, and it was reciprocated handsomely.

I humbly submit to you that if you focus on giving first in personal and professional relationships, you will achieve greater success and fulfillment in life.

These three tools of influence – rapport, sincere interest, and generosity, skillfully applied, will increase your ability to attract and keep new customers. Invest the time to implement these tools of influence now to improve the performance of your online social media marketing.

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