25 Of The Most Powerful & Influential Women in Social Media 2009

It’s time to celebrate! Please congratulate 25 of the Most Powerful & Influential Women in Social Media that were hand-picked by folks on twitter. Yes, 25! I decided to shorten this year’s list because of time constraints. Congratulations ladies and thank you for all that you do!

1. Orli Yakuel | http://www.go2web20.net/
Alexa Rank 8,579 | Linking in 1,538

2. Ann Handley | http://www.marketingprofs.com
Alexa Rank 12,018 | Linking in 2,168

3. Heather Armstrong | http://dooce.com/
Alexa Rank 12,909 | Linking in 4,030

4. Lisa Stone | www.blogher.com
Alexa Rank 14,372 | Linking in 3,266

5. Robin Fray Carey | socialmediatoday.com
Alexa Rank 18,610 | Linking in 1,106

6. Lynn Terry | www.clicknewz.com
Alexa Rank 21,496 | Linking in 387

7. Wendy Piersall | sparkplugging.com
Alexa Rank 39,940 | Linking in 769

8. Michelle Macphearson | www.michellemacphearson.com
Alexa Rank 48,703 | Linking in 203

9. Justine Ezarik | tastyblogsnack.com
Alexa Rank 52,792 | Linking in 727

10. Marenda | marenda.biz
Alexa Rank 56,949 | Linking in 267

11. Mari Smith | whyfacebook.com
Alexa Rank 69,353 | Linking in 267

12. Valeria Maltoni | conversationagent.com
Alexa Rank 70,957 | Linking in 885

13. Liz Strauss | www.successful-blog.com
Alexa Rank 71,626 | Linking in 1,516

14. Tawnya Sutherland | vanetworking.com
Alexa Rank 80,930 | Linking in 353

15. Gabrielle Blair | designmom.com
Alexa Rank 101,453 | Linking in 554

16. Amy Clark | momadvice.com
Alexa Rank 103, 851 | Linking 470

17. Shelley Berstein | brooklynmuseum.com
Alexa Rank 110,528 | Linking in 1,573

18. Nancy Marmolejo | vivavisibility.com
Alexa Rank 121,144 | Linking in 83

19. Maria Reyes-McDavis | mariareyesmcdavis.com
Alexa Rank 128,785 | Linking in 191

20. Carrie Wilkerson | barefoot-executive.com
Alexa Rank 139,395 | Linking in 53

21. Cathy Perkins | www.thewordpresswizard.com
Alexa Rank 153,847 | Linking in 71

22. B.L. Ochman | whatsnextblog.com
Alexa Rank 158,434 | Linking in 1006

23. Jessica Smith | jessicaknows.com
Alexa Rank 158,558 | Linking in 232

24. Veronica Belmont | veronicabelmont.com
Alexa Rank 162,889 | Linking in 523

25. Gwen Bell | gwenbell.com
Alexa Rank 163,078 | Linking in 161

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  1. says

    Thanks Ron! Happy to be included in such a powerful group of women! Woo wee, these Divas are dangerous :-)
    .-= Maria Reyes-McDavis´s last blog ..Google Social Search Experiment is Live =-.

  2. Leigh Kostiainen says

    Great list Ron, I just interviewed Lynn Terry on Twitter Business Women, and have been a long time follower of many of these ladies.

    Leigh Kostiainen

  3. Ron Hudson says

    Leigh, Lynn Terry is brilliant. She has my utmost respect because her integrity, honesty, and drive. Thanks for your comment!


  4. Ron Hudson says

    Maria, you absolutely deserve to be on this list because of your passion, drive, diligence, focus, creativity, and integrity. Talk soon. God bless!

  5. says

    Good list Ron, but yanno, I wear thin on seeing the same names in every list. There are so many influential women and many more so that your top 10. Thanks for noting the Alexa rank, though that’s not truly indicative of influence in the minds of most. Just an opinion mind ya, but one I believe to be valid.
    .-= deb@birdonawire´s last blog ..Have A Little Fun =-.

  6. This is list is so bogus says

    Seriously?!? Ranking authority and importance by Alexa rank?

    Your Number 1 gets its traffic for being a web 2.0 resource. Not a social resource.

    Half the people up there have no clue.

    How is Tamar Weinberg not on your list?

  7. Eleanore Duyndam says

    I see many of my favorite women on this list.
    They are awesome and deserve it!
    .-= Eleanore Duyndam´s last blog ..Leverage Your Expertise Into Quick Profits =-.

  8. says

    You certainly got it right with The WordPress Wizard, Cathy Perkins. Her background is so perfect for the work we’ve needed done. She over delivers so much it’s almost embarrassing.

    I’m pretty aware of what goes on online, but Cathy has come to us with waves of information and great help in all things WordPress. Her knowledge of social media has been extremely helpful. I wouldn’t recommend her if she wasn’t extraordinary.
    .-= Tom Justin´s last blog ..A Win-Win Experiment For My New Book =-.

  9. says

    Fantastic list – love when lists help me discover new thought leaders.

    Your francophone readers will want to follow Michelle Blanc, a web marketer who is highly influential despite a smaller market.

    Alexa traffic rank: 159,568
    Traffic rank in Canada: 4,418
    Sites linking in: 570

    My hat also goes off to Vancouver’s
    Kate Trgovac:
    Alexa Traffic rank: 484,153
    Traffic rank in Canada: 155,825
    Sites linking in: 399

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some great sites to discover.

  10. says

    I’m honored to make your list for the second year in a row! What a beautiful surprise, thank you for spotlighting our collective efforts and recognizing us.

    Congrats to everyone else on the list, let’s really shake things up in 2010! I invite everyone to join me in leveraging social media to truly create ripples of impact. We have the platform, we have the power, we have the respect, we have the voice.

    .-= Nancy Marmolejo´s last blog ..Planning My Year- Starting Today =-.

  11. Ron Mintz says

    So glad to see all these ladies but in particular Cathy Perkins. She has helped me so much and I cannot thank her enough for her professional guidance.
    Ron Mintz

  12. JudithandJim says

    Congratulations to everyone on your list AND a huge BRAVO to Cathy Perkins – the WordPress Wizard – who is truly a Wizard with all the Social Media!!

    Fans of Cathy’s!
    Judith & Jim
    Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD

  13. says

    @WordPressWizard & @MariSmith Wow, Ladies- WAY TO GO!Thanks for your shining examples of excellence and service. Look forward for meeting up ‘on the circuit’ soon!

  14. Dr Robert Henry Schwenk says

    I believe that Cathy Perkins really deserves her place in the Top 25 influential women on the Internet. There is no question that she has helped me immensely with my blog-work. I am totally sure she has help many, many others. Cathy does her work in a very down to earth fashion, which I appreciate.
    .-= Dr Robert Henry Schwenk´s last blog ..The Meaning of Life and Why Am I Here? =-.

  15. Ed S. says

    Excellent list.

    Follow Lynn Terry and Dooce religiously.

    I also think Rosalind Gardner’s NetProfitsToday.com deserved consideration, with an Alexa rank of 24,040 and 341 links in.

  16. Val Spangler says

    Thanks Ron very valuable list – lots to learn from the fine examples you have provided us. Even if one shouldn’t necessarily try to adopt any of the styles of these leaders, it doesn’t hurt to see what you can adapt for one’s own purposes.

    Inspiring to see the imagination and implementation of their varied ideas and marketing of those ideas.

    Thanks again! Val Spangler, SeniorTweet

  17. says

    Mari Smith ~ Cathy Perkins, the @WordPressWizard ~ Carrie Wilkerson, the @Barefoot_Exec ~ and @NancyMarmolejo are all FAVS of mine.

    You can learn by example from WATCHING, COACHING WITH or JUST KNOWING these Power Women!


    Roz Fruchtman

  18. says

    Awesome list of influential women. I’m honored to be friends with several of them, including Lynn Terry, Tawnya Sutherland & Carrie Wilkerson and can attest to their dynamic personalities and smarts.

    High fives all around!
    .-= Nicole Dean´s last blog ..How I Record My Podcasts. =-.

  19. says

    Great to see awesome women recognized. Not to be too snarky (ahem), but nice link bait, too, isn’t it? 😉

    My question to Ron – Are the women on your list being measured by the ranking of the site with which they’re affiliated (some of the sites being the product and work of multiple people)? Plus votes from the social mediasphere. Plus some secret sauce?

    I can’t remember if you post your methodology on how you compile the list, but would be very interested in understanding this. Not at all to diminish your list but it is always helpful to know the criteria for ranking. Thanks!
    .-= Aliza Sherman´s last blog ..Finding Dead Friends Online =-.

  20. RuthAnn Hogue, Phoenix, Arizona says

    Thanks for the list. I can’t wait to come home tonight and dig into the meat behind the names it contains.

    See you on twitter,

  21. PaulB says

    Cathy Perkins is the best in the business, obviously, especially with Word Press. Congratulations, Cathy!

  22. Gareth says

    Do you think some of these women should work together or would that devalue what their trying to do?

  23. says

    Gareth, I don’t think it would devalue what they’re trying to do at all. At Women in Consulting, we find that collaboration makes us all that much more successful. That’s why I’ve been a member for so long and continue to help run it. I do more and accomplish more because I work with other like-minded women.

  24. geoff @ www.creditcardbonus.net says

    wow great information ill bet these ladies work really hard and it is nice to see they get some recognition. thanks

  25. Rob says

    The most influential women in the world, this list surprised me a little. I want his gratitude to these women, they’re very much doing for the world and mankind.

  26. Liz says

    Maybe this should say Most Powerful & Influential Women in Social Media in the U.S. It would be nice to see more representation on this list from the contributions of women from around the world (and I’m not talking Canada).

    Surprised also not to see Tara Hunt, aka @MissRogue.


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