10 Powerful Ways to Get People to Buy Now

Today I, like you, will see or hear a number of commercials for a plethora of products and services. Naturally, we’ll ignore a significant amount of the commercials and continue focusing on whatever activity is a priority in the moment. That is, until one of the commercials is able to convey a message similar to the one at end of the following video.

One of my favorite copywriter’s of all time is Brian Keith Voiles. Brian is one of the most honest, caring, talented, and gifted people I’ve ever met in my life. During the time that I learned copywriting from him, he absolutely shocked me. You see, he taught me that the most powerful part of a salesletter (a commercial in print) isn’t the headline but the offer. Anyway, I was inclined to believe him for two reasons. The first reason was his impressive list of clients. The second reason was his results!

Before, during, and after you write any salesletter that you truly want to increase the size of your bank account review the following short list:

1. Free Trial – Simply put, this offer means allowing someone to try out your product free for a specific period of time. The common periods are 10, 15, or 30 days or more. The power of this offer lies in its removal of risk from the transaction for your prospect.

2. Bill Me Later – This is a popular offer amongst magazine and newspaper publishers. The customers make a decision to subscribe now at a discounted price – but are billed after several issues have been mailed. How many publishers have induced you to subscribe with that offer?

3. Free Gift – Offering customers, who are considering your product or service, a free gift can be all the incentive needed for them to buy. However, allowing them to keep that gift, even if they return the product, will typically cause a dramatic increase in sales. Will people take advantage? Yes. Why do it? Tests have proven that the significant increase in sales outweighs the number of returns.

4. Money-Back Guarantee – Generally, people feel slightly uncertain about making purchasing decisions. Therefore, it is important to eliminate that feeling by offering to give a full refund for products after they are returned. Again, the sales increases for companies offering Money-Back Guarantees far surpass the numbers of returns.

5. Double-Your-Money-Back-Guarantee – Our research shows that most people won’t return products, so companies will often dramatize their offer for low priced items this way.

6. Long-Term-Guarantee – When a company is confident that their product or service will deliver, they will offer guarantees that extend beyond the common 30- or 60-day guarantee. They will offer customers a one-year, multi-year, or lifetime guarantee.

7. Early-Bird Discount – This offer motivates customers to order fast and sometimes more of a product. A word of advice. Make the discount a real discount.

8. Price Increase Announcement – It’s amazing how few companies communicate with their existing customers prior to increasing their prices. This offer can endear customers to a company because they feel important when given such an opportunity. In turn, they will buy the company’s products and oftentimes buy more than needed. Additionally, they tell their family, friends, and co-workers.

9. No Contract, Cancel Anytime – Often used by businesses offering continuity type programs, this offers customers right to use a product (i.e., perishable items) or service for as long as they want without any commitment. Fitness clubs are one type of business that offer members this opportunity because a small segment of our society will continue using the facility for more than 90 days. This way, the fitness club avoids chancing members who will sign a year long agreement, but stop paying their bill after 90 days.

10. Free Demonstration – This works quite well for all types of products and services because the customer convinces himself that a product or service is right for him. Needless to say, once a customer has convinced himself a product or service will work for him, he will buy that product or service rather quickly.

There are many types of offers to make to prospective/existing customers to influence their buying decision in your favor. I thought this short list would be helpful to you in making that happen for your business. Thanks for reading!

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